Saadia Alizai, MD,


Policies & Procedures




The initial appointment will last approximately 90 - 120 minutes, on average.  During that visit, I will ask you to complete releases of information so that I can gather prior records and will likely order laboratory tests, as needed.  The completion of the initial evaluation often requires a second appointment, allowing me time to review records and data before formulating a treatment plan that includes medication and therapy recommendations.

Should we agree to work together, subsequent appointments will last 50 minutes or 25 minutes.  Most appointments will be 50 minutes.  The 25 minutes appointments are generally reserved for patients who are already stable on a medication regimen, only requiring renewals.  You are strongly encouraged to be on time for all appointments, as lateness will result in less time available for assessment and treatment planning.

Phone appointments are available for occasional use, between in-person appointments. Please be advised that insurance policies generally do not reimburse for phone appointments.


Missed or Canceled Appointments: 

Forty-eight hour advance notice is required for all canceled appointments.  Sessions missed without a 48-hour notice will be charged the full fee.  Insurance companies do not reimburse for missed appointments.   If you miss an appointment without adequate notice, I may request that you give me a credit card number, which will be used in case of future, missed appointments.

Initial appointments that are not canceled with a minimum of 48-hours notice will not be rescheduled.



If I am not immediately available in a psychiatric emergency, please do not wait for me to call you back.  Please call 911 or go to your closest emergency room.  I would appreciate you leaving me a message regarding the problem and where you are going for emergency assistance.  For most issues, please leave me a message on the phone, and I will return your call when I can.  If you have a non-urgent question or issue, please email me at: [email protected]This form of communication requires that you complete the Informed Consent for Physician-Patient Electronic Communication form.


Electronic Prescribing:

I use an electronic prescribing program that allows me to send prescriptions directly to most retail and mail-order pharmacies. As part of the program, I may have access to your medication history from other providers. In becoming my patient, you agree to allow me to access this information. 



Information that you share with me will be kept confidential and will not be revealed to anyone without your permission, except in the following cases:
1. If you are a danger to yourself
2. If you are a danger to others
3. If there is suspicion of child or vulnerable elder abuse
4. If I and/or your records are subpoena'd in a court case, I may have to comply with the law after discussing the matter with you.

In all other situations, your permission will be sought before releasing any personal information.